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August 31, 2009

Allergies / Asthma

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Each breath we take, to the water we drink, and the food we eat our body is being stressed out in many ways. Our immune system is having a battle with toxins in our blood stream and our tissues. This battle lasts non-stop, and can be more dangerous than we think. The toxins are actually stealing our essential nutrients and oxygen from our system.

An allergy or asthma attack is the “automatic response” our immune system initiates. When our body fights the toxins it relies heavily on oxygen and our entire system.

Our antibodies immediately begin to protect the cells in a positive way, but it causes some cells to be depleted of oxygen.

Also when the bodies cells are putting out chemicals, the body uses extra oxygen to correct the situation, which cause an allergic reaction or even an asthma attack. Oxidation occurs at the cellular level of the body. It is part of that vital and complex process by which the body chemically converts nutrients into energy, and by which the body rids itself of toxins and other harmful materials that produce allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Without sufficiently high levels of oxygen (via oxygenation), oxidation cannot take place. And without oxidation, your system is “wide open” to allergy and asthma attacks.

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